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Santa Maria Atzompa

This is possibly amongst the oldest ceramic communities in the valley of Oaxaca. The town lies below one of the ridges that belongs to the archaeological site of Monte Alban. There is a great pottery tradition in this village as it has had and still has today very famous potters that have international recognition.


Several decades ago a potter by the name Teodora Blanco made Atzompa known to the world with her beautiful terracotta earthen-wear that Rockefeller bought and exhibited as fine folk art.

Then a potter called Dolores Porras introduced a new style of pottery with multiple colors and Indian designs that was well received as ornaments for courtyards and for holding plants.

Today there are over 100 families that make green domestic pottery, fine terracotta dolls, religious images & artistic figures in general and colored pottery, in the Dolores Porras style.

It’s pleasant to visit the home studios of some of these potters as well as a central potters co-operative that exhibits a good selection of the village production.

Free Entrance
Open daily from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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