Villa de Mitla

Aside from the magnificent remains of the pre-Columbian Mixtec ruins most come to visit in this village, there are traditional looms where many types of cotton and muslin textiles are made. There are family-run shops as well as a large open market near the archaeological site where the colorful textiles are easily seen and are for sale such as: rebozos, shirts, bags, bedspreads, tablecloths etc. Fabrics are sold by the meter at family shops to take back and sew into personalized items.

Mitla Archaeological site

This is without doubt the best preserved and most ornate site in the entire valley. The architectural features here are unique in comparison to the rest of the sites in the valley and that's based on the elegance with which it was built. The building technique was acomplished using independently carved stone mosaics, interlocking them into the walls like a jigsaw puzzle without any mortar inbetween and painted in beautiful colors. There is a section next to the church that has authentic fragments of ancient murals painted above the lintels of one of the patios. These murals were made during the Mixtec occupancy and with Mixtec techniques and iconography. The main building is a grand palace with a large patio in front that was used for ceremonial events and nearby is another patio that has two excavated tombs that can be explored. Entrance Fee: Open daily from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.